Collaboration with trusted partners is a cornerstone of our success.  We have close working partnerships in the following complementary areas with five bespoke, boutique but excellent firms:


ESIA is an alliance of expert consultancies in their respective fields of strategic intelligence and risk management, joining forces. You will find within this group the multiplier effects of collaborative teams, the synergies of shared capabilities and cutting-edge thinking and methodologies that enable the ESIA to deliver top-quality solutions to clients’ needs.


Harod Associates delivers global investigation and security solutions to complex crime and risk issues. We use a unique blend of traditional, proven investigative techniques, global contacts and cutting edge cyber and technological capabilities to provide you with the most comprehensive and insightful solutions. Our investigators, drawn primarily from HM Customs, the National Crime Squad and the National Crime Agency, have dealt with the highest levels of serious crime and continue to do so in the private sector. They have dealt with some of the most serious crime cases seen in the UK and overseas. Our investigators also have substantial experience of global corporate investigation. We utilise this experience to help you deter, detect and prevent the crime and security risk issues faced by your organisation.


Hrafnsec Ltd is a niche company specialising in the collection, exploitation and visualisation of all quantities of data – structured or unstructured. We cover multiple jurisdictions and languages, with specific focus on Western and Eastern European (Slavic) languages and have provided support to UNODC, governments and commercial partners.

Staff are skilled in geo-spatial, social network and link analysis data exploitation and work with leading edge tools to enhance a client’s comprehension of complex and unwieldy amounts of disparate information.

Principals from Hrafnsec and ViennEast have collaborated on a variety of projects for over 10 years.