Countering corruption in a captive state: an analysis of the Romanian experience

Romania has been regarded as one of the EU member states with the highest rates of corruption since it acceded to the bloc in 2007. This appears to be changing: in 2015, the National Directorate of Anticorruption (DNA) indicted more than 1,250 individuals of mid- or high-level corruption crimes. This followed similarly impressive figures in 2013 and 2014, when 1,051 and 1,138 people were respectively convicted of corruption crimesii. Prosecutions have extended through every level of the political sphere. Approximately 100 of the 2015 indictments were mayors or County Council presidents; however, numerous senior government officials were also indicted, including Prime Minister Victor Ponta, Finance Minister Darius Valcov and Bucharest mayor Sorea Oprescu, as well as four other cabinet ministers, all of whom resigned as a result. Notable past convictions include former Prime Minister Adrian Nāstase and the media magnate and former senator, Dan Voiculescu.

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