The ViennEast method:

We conduct research of the available public and media record, accessing data from proprietary databases and the deep web. We support this with human source interviews to provide deeper insight.

Every piece of information we provide is rigorously analysed by our team. Our methodology informs business decisions throughout the whole cycle, helping to reduce operational costs that can arise from the failure to understand the wide range of risks that investors face.

Our bespoke services include:


ViennEast enables businesses to evaluate the reputation, integrity and performance of potential partners. Our due diligence is based on well-sourced and reliable information obtained through open source research and analysis as well as discreet human source enquiries.

Examples include:

  • Know Your Client (KYC). We regularly conduct due diligence and enhanced background checks of individuals/companies with whom our clients are considering engagement. We inform clients’ decisions over whether to proceed by probing the deep web and consulting human sources to provide an objective integrity assessment.
  • Country/Sector Reports. An investment fund requested a country review prior to making a several hundred million Euro investment. The report summarised the risks posed by political instability, corruption, weak rule of law, business culture and poor regulatory quality. It also incorporated a sector specific overview. Another investor wanted first-hand insight into the market in which they were interested in conducting business. Research questionnaires were devised and posed to competitors and suppliers in three countries.

ViennEast is contracted by law firms and other businesses to conduct research and analysis which inform their legal positions as well as provide actionable and reliable information in support of civil and criminal litigations.

Examples include:

  • Litigation Support. A law firm representing a client facing a politically motivated prosecution after a company bankruptcy sought background information on the personalities and politics involved, allowing for a more informed defence strategy to be prepared.
  • Bespoke Research. Projects have included investigations into potential inheritance fraud; missing person inquiries; assessment of the veracity of Panama Papers claims; analysis of social media manipulation; and the tracing of ultimate financiers of deals;

ViennEast collects and promotes neglected information and perspectives in relation to individuals, companies and legal cases and provides research to challenge orchestrated narratives.

Examples include:

  • Reputational Management. A PR-firm charged with rebalancing a client’s reputation sought objective research given highly-charged media reporting. They were able to provide financial journalists with sourced counter arguments.

ViennEast works regularly with law firms, insolvency practitioners and private clients on locating individuals’ or corporations’ assets. Our researchers can retrieve information and help clients freeze and secure assets across multiple jurisdictions.

Examples include:

  • Asset Tracing. A law firm representing a client sought to identify the assets of several individuals who had failed to honour a multi-million contract.

ViennEast helps businesses navigate difficult political landscapes through our analysis of government stability, policy decisions, corruption risks, industry regulations and other factors affecting operations and returns on investment. Recognising key political shifts early allows businesses to plan for disruptions and be one step ahead.

Examples include:

  • Investor Insights. We provided regular analytical insight on changing political trends in a country to inform the legal strategy of an investor engaged in an international arbitration.

In order to help businesses understand who the real decision makers are, ViennEast conducts high-level enquiries through its strong local networks and produces reliable influence mapping.

examples include:

  • Influence Mapping. A company with a major investment already in place sought to better understand how business and politics interacted and which figures would survive political changes.
  • Government Advisory. A company, with a new multi-million product faced institutional resistance to innovation and sought advice on how to open the door to their proposal. We worked with the client and the government to assist in cross-cultural understanding and due process.

ViennEast provides good governance and compliance training tailored to the individual needs of both public and private sector clients. Our themes of expertise include Security and Intelligence Service Reform, Criminal Justice System Reform, Police and Intelligence Analysis and Cyber Awareness. We also offer support on developing effective CSR programmes as part of an ethical and holistic approach to investment.

Examples include:

  • Risk Advisory. An international firm with global exposure sought a holistic review of enterprise risk from geopolitical risks through to safety and security risk. The resulting seminar allowed the senior management to plan a new risk strategy.
  • Cyber Advisory. A client wanted to convey to their clients the risks of a cyber attack and the impact on regulation. We delivered a presentation with clear recommendations.